Product Classification

Here are the key features and advantages of our company:

Multiple material options are mainly as follows, which allow customers to choose the most suitable material based on their specific needs.

Super Alloy:U720Li、In718+、In718、C263、In909、In625、Waspaloy、HS188 etc.

Titanium Alloy:Ti6Al4V、Ti6242、Ti-5Al-2.5Sn、Ti-5Al-2Sn-2Zr-4Mo-4Cr、Ti-2.5Cu、Ti1023 etc.

Stainless Alloy:17-4PH、15-5PH、M152、FV535、4340 etc..

Alluminum Alloy:6061、2219、2618、7075、7050 etc..

Collaboration with manufacturers: We collaborate with experienced manufacturers who possess advanced production equipment and technology. 

NADCAP-certified inspection equipment: Our collaborating manufacturers comply with the NADCAP qualification requirements and possess inspection equipment that meets international standards. 

Quality assurance: Our collaborating manufacturers implement strict quality control processes to ensure that the products meet customer requirements and standards. We pay attention to every step, from material procurement to production processes, as well as final inspection and delivery.

Timely delivery: We prioritize delivering products on time to ensure that customer production plans are not disrupted.

Ring Forging:


Pancake Forging:


Die Forging: