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Full Environmental impact statement and Public Participation of Titanium Alloy Green Cycle Production Line Construction Project for Aircraft and Engine

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On May 24th, Zhao Xuchun, Deputy Secretary of the Shouguang Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, presided over the deployment meeting of the city's high-temperature water heating network interconnection project. The meeting announced the "Implementation Plan for Promoting the Interconnection Project of High Temperature Water Heating Pipeline Network", and comprehensively arranged and deployed the construction of the high-temperature water interconnection project and this year's heating work. City leaders Qiao Risheng and Cui Jianjun participated.

It was pointed out at the meeting that the interconnection project of high-temperature water heating pipe network is an important livelihood project to further improve the heating quality and improve the satisfaction of the residents in the city. It is a tight time, heavy task and high requirements. Each town, block and relevant unit should earnestly understand the situation, improve the political position, follow the implementation plan, clarify the division of responsibilities, reverse the construction period, and fight with wall charts according to the unified arrangement of the project headquarters, so as to ensure the completion of the construction task on schedule.

It is emphasized that in order to accelerate the construction of the project, our city has established a project command center, and relevant streets and departments should arrange capable personnel to carry out work in place to ensure the smooth and efficient progress of all work. The project headquarters should play a leading and coordinating role, accelerate the construction of two heat exchange initial stations, and achieve seamless integration with the pipeline network construction. We should actively promote the construction of heating pipeline networks and ensure that the construction tasks are completed on time. Heating enterprises should carry out various renovation work in their respective areas in advance based on their actual situation and the construction requirements of heating pipeline networks, to ensure that no problems occur. We need to further improve the traffic diversion plan. The Municipal Public Security Bureau, Transportation Bureau, Housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau and other departments should, based on the construction plan of the heating project, promptly formulate and improve the traffic diversion plan for the project, reasonably plan and design travel and transportation routes, inform citizens in advance and set up warning signs to minimize the impact on their travel. We need to increase publicity efforts and comprehensively increase public awareness. Fully win the widespread support of citizens and create a good public opinion atmosphere for the city's heating renovation work.

Implementation Plan for Promoting the Interconnection and Interconnection Project of High Temperature Water Heating Pipeline Network

In order to accelerate the implementation of the high-temperature water heating network interconnection project, effectively improve our city's heating guarantee capacity, and achieve the comprehensive utilization of low-grade energy such as industrial waste heat, according to the "Shouguang City 2019 Heating Transformation Plan" (Shouzheng Ban Fa [2019] No. 54), the following plan is formulated.

1、 Work Objectives

In accordance with the principle of "government led, state-owned enterprise operated, intensive and efficient, long-term layout", the project is planned as a whole and designed with high standards to realize the interconnection of pipe networks in the urban area and surrounding towns and streets, improve the stability and safety of the operation of the heating system. The project will start construction before the end of April 2020, complete the connection with Jinhui Heat, Xinli Heat, Dongcheng Heat and Huayuan Heat by the end of September, and reach the operating conditions by the end of October.

2、 Main content


(1) Construction of the first heat exchange station. According to our city's cogeneration plan and special heating plan, we will optimize the layout of heating sources, accelerate the construction of the first heat exchange stations of Juneng and Chenming, and ensure that they are completed and debugged before the end of September 2020, achieving comprehensive utilization of industrial waste heat, effectively improving energy utilization efficiency, and reducing coal consumption.


(2) Construction of heating ring network. Relying on the two major heat source centers of Juneng Thermal Power and Chenming Thermal Power, Urban Investment Group is responsible for constructing a 45.5 kilometer high-temperature water heating network around the city. The network is connected to nearby outlets of Jinhui Thermal Power, Xinli Thermal Power, Huayuan Thermal Power, and Dongcheng Thermal Power along the way. At the same time, scientifically and reasonably set up other clean energy heating inlets and backup heating outlets to meet short-term and long-term heating needs, achieve urban heat source sharing, network interconnection, and have the ability to extend heating to neighboring towns and streets.